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RNLI in Skegness

About the RNLI

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, formed in 1824, is a donation supported charity to save lives at sea. With over 200 lifeboat stations around the UK, and another 2000 branches and guilds to support fund raising, the RNLI is proud of it's independant status. With over 6000 launches a year, the running costs are high though, and without donations from the public, the service would be lost.

Raising the required £100 million annually is no easy task, so to help out, you can donate today by visiting the RNLI's own Web site. Remember every penny you donate will help save someone's life.

The Skegness Lifeboats

With three boats, the Skegness lifeboat station is well equipped to deal with any emergencies that may arise along the shoreline. Measuring 11m in length and over 4m wide, the Lincolnshire Poacher is the all weather lifeboat used in Skegness. Costing over £600,000 this 14 tonne, 570hp craft can operate in the most extreme conditions, managing to automatically self right in just five seconds if capsized.

Skegness also houses a D-class (or inshore) lifeboat, the Leicester Fox II, used in calmer conditions, and shallow waters. Capable of 20 knots the inshore lifeboat can still be used in surf of upto 2m, and carries 2 to 3 crew members.