2019 Skegness Carnival

The 2019 Skegness Carnival was on Sunday, with the festivities continuing today at Tower Gardens with a 999 day and the Dog and Pet Show.

It was Gary Starr's last year as Chairman this year and he promised us the biggest carnival yet, I wasn't living in Skegness at this time last year so I can't compare it but it was definitely bigger than I expected. It would have been nice to have had some sun, but the rain does give some of the photos some character. The last Carnival that I photographed was the Carnivale Tropicale in Paris, which was about 35 degrees and I remember struggling through the heat on that day.

There was a a lot of stalls in Tower Gardens and it was good to catch up with Lee at the Tea Caddy, who was selling various drinks and cakes. I didn't stay there long as the parade was due to start, so I went towards the Clock Tower to wait with the crowds by there.

The atmosphere was really good and we didn't have to wait long for the parade. There was a few marching bands and many of the local businesses had floats.

I then went down to Tower Gardens today (Wednesday) to take a few photos of the Pet Show and the Mayor. I missed the tortoise race, they were just too quick for me.

Photos from both days can be found on our Flickr page.

Author: Gareth Posted On: 14 August 2019


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