Butlins weekend

Keeping everyone happy is one of life’s challenges if you have a large family of different ages and interests. Planning days out that include something for everyone can be tough, so we decided to put Butlins to the test. Would there be enough to keep two teenagers, a ten year old and a six year old amused for the day and therefore provide some respite for two weary parents!? There was only one way to find out…

The idea of a day at Butlins proved popular with the kids and so we headed into the park and towards the fairground. The Chairoplane and Dodgems were popular with everyone and because the day ticket price includes the fairground rides (except a couple which are extra), my husband and I were able to join in too. There is a lot in this area for younger children including a play park, with a lot of the rides being accessible for the whole family.

The Splash Waterworld pool was the next stop and was very impressive. With so many different pools, slides, rapids and caves to explore, we were in the pool for hours! The kids all loved the Outdoor River Rapids (5+ with an adult) and Family Riptide Raft Ride (3+ with an adult). Lots of the areas were accessible for all the kids with the 6 year old being able to go on most things (with parental supervision) with the exception of the faster slides. Our two teenagers were in their element! The pool provided enough options to keep them amused and enough thrills to make it an exciting day out for them too. There are also lots of fountains, smaller slides and pools to keep little ones entertained. What was even better was that the pool area was warm and so we were able to relax on the sunbeds by the pool and enjoy a coffee from the cafe in peace!

After filling up with some fish and chips in the Skyline Pavilion and catching a bit of the entertainment, the kids were ready to head home, tired and happy!

We didn’t reach the indoor soft play (included in the day ticket price) and other entertainment available in the park, but there is plenty to entertain all ages.

Author: Charli Hall Posted On: 14 August 2019


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