Saturday was a very special day at Natureland Skegness with Franny celebrating her 40th birthday. The sun was shining and there were a lot of visitors there.

Franny is the oldest resident at the Seal Sanctuary. Nowadays pups born there are released into the sea, but back in those days it was not known if they would adapt to life outside so she was kept there.

She's obviously made the most of it as the average lifespan is 30 to 35 years. Franny looks very content, although she is going blind and you can clearly see in the photo that she swims with her eyes shut now.

It was nice to talk with Mark Dannatt again, Mayor of Skegness and I also met Alex from Lincs FM who were broadcasting there. I also had a quick chat with the team from the Eco Centre, more information on what they offer can be found on their web site.

All our photos can be found by here

Author: Gareth Posted On: 1 July 2019


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