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I guess you're wondering who this blog is for. I'm hoping it will interest anybody visiting the Lincolnshire Coast. As a photographer I spend a lot of time exploring the area taking photos for Visit the Seaside or our clients. This blog will document my travels, giving advice on how to get around by public transport, where to eat, what to see and maybe a little bit about the interesting people that I meet through my work.

I visited the North Sea Observatory on Monday. This impressive building opened last year and offers a chance for the weary walker to sit down, relax and have a bite to eat and drink in the Seascape Cafe.

The great news for this year is that thanks to Stagecoach it's now easier to get there - the 59 bus between Skegness and Mablethorpe stops right outside.

However, this time I went on the Number 1 bus from Skegness which runs every 10 minutes during the day and it's only a short walk from Chapel St Leonards to the Observatory. This bus also runs very late in the evening, which is useful during the summer if you want to catch a stunning sunset from the coast.

It was a bit cloudy when I started so I stopped off at the Seafront Cafe for some breakfast. The staff were extremely friendly and the food really good. The All Day Breakfast came with both tomatoes and baked beans, which is nice since you normally have to choose one or the other :)

It was there that I met Jayne Good who was visiting the East Coast. Turns out that she's an artist and we have a mutual friend in Steve Gould, so I mentioned to her that he has a new exhibition at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness at the moment.

From there I headed north along the coast. It's not too far, you go past some colourful beach huts just as you come close to the Observatory. I went inside for a drink, enjoyed the stunning view and then walked back to Chapel St. Leonards.

Photos from the day can be found on our Flickr page.

Author: Gareth Posted On: 19 June 2019


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