Pixie has a pup

Last weekend at the Natureland seal sanctuary, after a 9 month gestation period, pixie gave birth to her new son, who is yet to be named. Pixie is a 9-year-old seal who will remain at Natureland for the foreseeable future but her new pup will be released into the wild in 4 to 5 months.

Today we talked to Matt, a handler at Natureland, about the mother and her pup. The yet to be named pup enjoys riding on its mothers back and being lazy, but it is a competent swimmer. Pixie is starting to let him swim more so he's starting to become more independent. The seal pup is going to be moved to a new container with other seal pups in 2 to 3 weeks where it will learn how to survive without its mother ready for its release. Matt told us that the water used in these containers is real saltwater taken from the sea, it is first pumped so there are no germs or waste and then it is put directly into the seals' tanks. Whilst the new seal pup is currently unnamed, you could be the one to name it by visiting the Natureland Facebook page, the name must be superhero-themed. 

For more information on harbor seals (the seals at Natureland) click here or for more information on Natureland visit their website here for pictures of the seals, visit our album on Pixie here  

Author: Gareth Posted On: 13 August 2019


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