St. Cecilia

I met up with the Mayor of Skegness again yesterday, this time at The Village Museum in Skegness.St. Cecilia (possibly NSFW since their famous hit was Leap Up and Down Wave your Knickers in the Air!) were there performing at this excellent outdoor venue.

St. Cecilia is a band from the 70's and are based in Corby. Eamon Carr was a founding member of the band and also played with Freddie and The Dreamers, the other band member yesterday was Nigel Wood who also previously performed with Racey.

The music was a mixture of songs by Elvis through to Take That. I do hope that they will return next year (Eamonn did say that they hope to), and would really encourage people to pop down to this excellent little venue to enjoy the music.

More photos can be found here

Author: Gareth Posted On: 19 August 2019


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