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Jungle Zoo

Jungle Zoo

THE JUNGLE ZOO originally opened as a butterfly house and was re-opened in 1998 exhibiting a wide variety of birds, reptiles and mammals. The zoo centres around a Tropical House in a spectacular jungle-like setting which includes a large water feature containing Red Eared and other Terrapins from North America and goldfish. Take a walk around the water feature and see Caiman alligators, large lizards, marmosets, parrots and toucans amongst others. The Reptile House is home to snakes and spiders including yellow anaconda, boa constrictor and the gigantic Burmese pythons. The outside exhibits include capuchin monkeys, meerkats, ring tailed lemur and for the children African pygmy goats, chipmunks, chickens and guinea pigs. There are also a number of bird exhibits housing species such as cockatoo, lorikeets and parakeets.

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    Kings Road, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, DN35 0AG
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