If you're planning a fishing or surfing trip to one of our local beaches, you've come to the right place! Below are the tide times over the next week to help plan your hassle-free trip to our award-winning golden beaches.

11th August

Low Tide 05:38 (2.26m)
High Tide 11:33 (5.69m)
Low Tide 18:11 (2.17m)

12th August

High Tide 00:08 (5.29m)
Low Tide 06:24 (2.51m)
High Tide 12:24 (5.37m)
Low Tide 19:03 (2.41m)

13th August

High Tide 01:10 (5.08m)
Low Tide 07:25 (2.70m)
High Tide 13:34 (5.14m)
Low Tide 20:07 (2.56m)

14th August

High Tide 02:30 (5.05m)
Low Tide 08:37 (2.73m)
High Tide 14:55 (5.14m)
Low Tide 21:21 (2.52m)

15th August

High Tide 03:43 (5.25m)
Low Tide 09:56 (2.52m)
High Tide 16:09 (5.38m)
Low Tide 22:33 (2.32m)

16th August

High Tide 04:44 (5.61m)
Low Tide 11:11 (2.15m)
High Tide 17:11 (5.75m)
Low Tide 23:37 (2.03m)

17th August

High Tide 05:34 (6.02m)
Low Tide 12:14 (1.71m)
High Tide 18:05 (6.13m)
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