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a breath of fresh air…

There’s SO much to see - SO much to do - So much fun! SO come to Skegness! Skegness is a family friendly seaside resort providing shopping, attractions and entertainment throughout the year.  Appealing to all age groups, Skegness inspires hundreds of thousands of visitors and many return each year to re-capture the magic that makes Skegness so special.

Skegness is alive all day every day and doesn’t go to sleep when the Sun goes down.  With a variety of exhilarating night time entertainment which includes the Embassy Theatre or the Tower Cinema and a whole range of choice Restaurants, Clubs and Bars, the night-life lives on way after the Dawn breaks.

Along the Sea Front Skegness has a scope of show-bars presenting karaoke and live cabaret, family entertainment centres, arcades and bingo halls. In total - a whole lot of fun in one place!

Skegness provides everything you would expect from a modern seaside resort and much more too. With its golden beaches, historic pier, colourful promenade and beautiful seafront gardens all festooned with decorative lighting and Illuminations.